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    12 Monkeys: Surprised no one’s mentioned this.  It’s a time travel/apocalypse movie, incredibly well-done.  Bruce Willis plays a prisoner/survivor sent back in time on various missions to identify what wiped out most of mankind.  He starts questioning his sanity and purpose throughout.
    Seven Years in Tibet: Journey of a man from selfish, glory-seeker to introspective, surrogate father.  The true story of an Austrian mountain climber stranded in Tibet during WWII who ends up as a tutor to the Dalai Lama.
    Rounders: Story of a bad friendship and the struggle to escape it and become independent.  Plus it’s about poker, so that’s awesome.
    Madness of King George: George III went temporarily insane during his reign, and this covers both his unorthodox medical treatment and the political maneuverings   I enjoyed it because you see both sides of all the major characters, a real reflection that no person is a single character.
    Chasing Amy: Ostensibly an indie rom-com, this is the story of a guy who falls in love with a girl and their conflicting approaches to their relationship.  Ben Affleck’s character drives toward a more traditional approach, while Joey Adams’ character is not seeking change.  Given the writer/director is Kevin Smith it is far from standard fare and opened my eyes a bit towards the individuality of sexuality.
    High Fidelity: Similar to Chasing Amy, a story of a man’s struggle with his relationship.

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